Thursday, October 9, 2014

Life Post: Fall Break is So Close I Can Almost Feel It

I'm so thankful that I can now say that midterm week is almost over. At this point I only have one final tomorrow morning, and then I get four days off of classes. I'm looking forward to those four days so much. First though, I need to focus on tomorrow's sociology final, which I have yet to actually study for today. I think I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. I was really productive this morning, but since getting out of my last class for the day I've done nothing. Mostly because I can tell how close fall break is I think. It's not helping my want to study.

All things considered, I'm not that worried about this midterm. I'm still going to study to make sure I remember everything, but there's nothing about it that has me stressing out other than just the idea of sitting in a classroom (which at this point has me pretty stressed out, I'll admit). I feel like I've gotten all the difficult and most time consuming midterms out of the way now, and that almost makes this one feel more difficult to get through actually. I'm just ready for fall break.

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