Friday, October 10, 2014

Life Post: Midterms Are Officially Done!

Midterms are over! I took my last test today, and it went really well. I feel pretty good about it. Now I get some time to relax. I do have homework over break, but I'm pushing most of it off until Monday or Tuesday. I want a few days to not actually have to do all that much. I'm taking a lot of time to write today, which is awesome. I've already written quite a bit, and I plan on writing some more. I'm getting really anxious to get this draft of the story done, and I'm starting to feel like I'm actually getting there. Hopefully I can write quite a bit over break.

I've also started this week's episode of Korra, but I'll admit that I'm not finished yet. Like I said, I really want to get some writing done. I'm doing my kind of usual thing where I let myself watch a few minutes of Korra in between getting things done (writing in this case but homework other times). I've already freaked out about the first five minutes, so I'm really excited to get more done and watch the rest of the episode.

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