Monday, October 13, 2014

Life Post: The Only "Real" Day of Break

Since I go back to school tomorrow, today is probably going to be the only day of break I have that actually feels like a break. That being said, I've already spent most of it writing, and I plan to do even more of that before the day's over. It feels great to actually have time for it, even if it's only one day.

I'm also kind of babysitting as my little cousin is over, but he's old enough that he's really not causing much trouble, especially since he's stuck to my brother's side (the entire reason he's here in the first place). I'm not really doing all that much.

It would be nice if break was a little longer. I would especially like to have more time to write because even though I have a good amount of homework considering the fact that's break, I know I'll only get more as soon as we get back. I'm going to enjoy this for the short time I have.

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