Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life Post: Papers and Reading and Studying

The rain we're currently having isn't helping with the gloom and stress of this week. Pretty much the only thing we talked about in Spanish today (and I mean even in the lesson) is how stressed everyone is over midterms. This week has pretty much evened out for me after the very chaotic start, but I'm still feeling the stress that everyone else is too. I'm mostly just trying to focus on getting my work done for that particular day and not focusing too much on how much I need to do overall.

I still haven't written any this week, but I'm hoping that I can squeeze it in tomorrow since my only class is canceled, which I've never been more thankful for. It's possible I could write today, but I'm already looking at the long list of papers and reading and studying that I need to do today (and haven't started on yet as I just woke up from a nap) and it's almost certainly not going to happen.

Season two of Reign airs tonight, so my biggest goal is to have my homework finished before it comes on. Since it comes on at nine, I should be able to accomplish that. I've been working on homework until late recently, but I've been getting it done by about nine at the latest. Let's just hope that tonight's not an exception. I'd hate to be working on homework wile trying to focus on Reign just because I don't want to be up really late. (Sure I don't have class tomorrow, but I'd like to use that opportunity to actually get sleep.)

Just a little more than a week until midterms are over...

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