Friday, October 3, 2014

Life Post: "Relaxing" Day of Korra, Writing, and Homework

Today has been pretty great so far. Without having class this morning, I got to sleep in, which was amazing, and the new episode of Korra came out. I'm about halfway through right now. I want nothing more than to watch it, but I want to get my homework done and out of the way too. I compromised by watching it bits at a time, but I'm loving it so far. I really, really want to finished. (I just wish Nick's video player wasn't so cranky about people pausing the video and coming back to try and play it later, I have to keep refreshing the video and moving it to where I was, but it never wants to go to that exact place. That player is weird.)

Not having class today has also given me an excuse to actually write some today. I've already written quite a bit today, and I hope to write more later. I was doing that instead of homework though, so right now I'm focusing on homework again. If I can get that done, then I'll have more time to write, but I have to do my homework before I'm doing it way late into the day.

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