Friday, October 31, 2014

Life Post: Scheduling Problems Never End Apparently

I keep thinking that I'm done with schedule problems and then something else pops up. I had everything set, and then I got an email from one of my advisors that there was a mix up and one of the classes I signed up for wouldn't be offered next semester. Now, she was so nice about it and so helpful figuring out what to do, but after the mess it took to figure out my schedule the first time, I was significantly stressed out over the news. I practically ran to her office the second I got her email. She couldn't believe I'd gotten there so fast, but I wanted it out of the way. We figured out a solution in no time at all and had it all worked out. Everything should be fine now.

I'd just been to see her the day before and then to the registrar's office to adjust my schedule because I needed special permission from both of my advisors to sign up for two of the classes I'm taking, so this week ended up being a bit more stressful on the schedule front than I had been hoping. I'm signed up now though, and I feel like changing my schedule twice after having registered is enough. There's no way that can happen again, right? I'd like to think not.

That's all in the past now though, and this week was actually really nice. Not even the schedule stuff was that bad, since it was all worked out so soon after the problem was developed. The problems only feel bigger because of the mess I went through the week before. Generally speaking I had a really nice week. Last night was trick or treating for the alumni's and staff's kids around our dorm buildings, so there were cute kids in costume running around campus. That's always fun.

I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween. I'm not dressing up or anything like that. The idea of putting together a Halloween costume has become more appealing to me in recent years (I haven't dressed up since I was about eleven), but I just can never be bothered to put together a costume because I always seem to be so consumed with school at this point in the year. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, and that's another thing I want to do every year but don't because school's taken over my life. One year they'll both happen. Maybe...

Anyway, as I said, I hope you all enjoy your Halloween. My biggest celebration is going to be watching the new Korra episode a bit later. What more could I ask for?

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