Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Life Post: Scheduling Troubles

Wow, I'm exhausted. The most exhausted I've been in quite a while. I was up late last night. I didn't even realize how late until right before I went to bed, and I already knew I would regret it today. It's been difficult staying awake during all of my classes, and I'm not sure if this is connected or not but my allergies went crazy today. They're more like a cold than allergies. They've even made my throat scratchy and difficult to talk at times. I'm hoping this is just a one day thing. I also really hope this isn't an actual cold coming on.

I wish I could say that I'll be more awake tomorrow, but I have meetings galore tomorrow, which means no time for my usual weekday nap. I'm just preparing myself for a long week at this point. I'm happy that I'll be getting my schedule for next semester down tomorrow though. However, I'm not thrilled about the idea that I'm probably going to be taking two summer classes because I can't fit all my needed credits in the remaining three semesters. That's the curse of being a double major, I suppose. I've taken full course loads every single semester (next semester it looks like I'm even set to take more credit hours than I'm supposed to, which means extra tuition money that I'm just thrilled to pay), and I still can't fit two classes in. It's crazy. I completely understand why some secondary education/English double majors go the extra semester route, but summer classes through a community college is the cheaper option, which means it's the option I'm going with. That shouldn't be too difficult right? Just two classes to deal with during the summer? If I can just forget that one of them will be a science class (and probably a hard science class since I already took a biology, the science I'm best at, class for my first science credit) then I don't feel too bad about it.

That's all this summer though. It feels too early to worry about that quite yet. I should at least get registered for next semester first. (Although I don't have any clue how to go about getting registered at a community college and make sure the credits get transferred, so that's definitely something I need to ask my professor about tomorrow. What's the deadline for registering with a community college for the summer? I need to find these things out sooner rather than later I guess.)

As you can tell, scheduling has taken over for me right now, even though it feels far too early in the semester for it. I always get a little uptight about scheduling because I've always known about the coming summer classes, and it's always frustrated me that I can't make them fit in the four year plan like they're supposed to. (The education and English departments created a four year plan together that us double majors are supposed to follow, but we only because double majors, as opposed to secondary education minors, in the middle of my freshmen year which means everyone my year and above us got a little screwed with making the classes fit because our credits were off with at least freshmen year if that makes sense. One thing I've learned in the last two plus years is that education law is a very tricky thing that changes as soon as you get it down, and it starts affecting you the second you declare yourself an education major or minor, as I was originally.)

This little rant needs to end though. I can't do anything about it, and it's really not all that bad. Just overwhelming a little. I have to go start a new novel for my American literature class, and I'm pretty excited about it because it's an author I've always wanted to read. Here's to hoping that I enjoy it.

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