Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Life Post: Scheduling Troubles Part II

I'm about halfway or so through my day, and I'm just trying not to fixate on everything that's going on. I met with my English advisor earlier today over next semester's schedule, and I'm almost certainly going to be in one class this summer. I may also be paying a lot more for tuition in a coming semester because I'll have to go over the credit hour limit my school has. I'll find out for sure on that one when I meet with my education advisor later today, so let's hope for the best. It all depends on some education credits I may or may not need (with everything having been switched around, my English advisor thinks I may have been grandfathered out of the requirement but I have to check for sure with my education advisor).

Right now is the only break today where I actually have time to get things done, so I've been studying for a test I have tomorrow and doing some reading for another class. I still have some reading to do, but I'm getting more done than I would have expected. Hopefully I can have everything more or less done by my next class because I have two meetings back to back almost immediately after my next class. Any homework I don't get done will have to be done somewhat late tonight, and I get incredibly distracted once it's dark outside.

In order to actually get it done though, I should probably go actually work on it. It's also getting around lunchtime, so I need to get some food. Here's to hoping I get my schedule set down later today. I can deal with taking a summer class or two, but I just want to know for absolute sure what exactly I need to take and when. I'll feel a lot better once I have that down.

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