Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life Post: When Are Midterms Over?

Midterm week has pretty much killed me at this point. I've finished all of my papers as of today, so at least there's that. Now I just have to study and do all of my reading and homework that doesn't pertain to actual midterms (which, honestly, why is that a thing now of all times). I'm still swamped with work, but at least less of it is directly midterm stuff. I'm already done with more than half of it and it's one five thirty. That's pretty good compared to how I have been lately.

Unfortunately my sister also asked me to edit a paper for her tonight, so that's not helping matters. I'm trying to get through homework as fast as possible in order to look at that, but I really needed  break. Hence this post. All this is really doing is making me anxious to get back to working though as I feel like I need to get it done. I guess I'm going to get back to my work.

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