Friday, October 31, 2014

Reign Review: Season 2 Episode 5: "Blood for Blood"

A lot happened in this episode. I don't even know where to begin. Do I say that every week? I feel like I do, but it's only because it's true every week.

Let's start with Catherine, and my weekly gushing over how awesome she is. It felt like she was just sweeping around the castle in this episode appearing to characters, saying her perfectly delivered lines, and then immediately sweeping off again in a way that showed she had some very important business to get back to. She didn't really do much in terms of the plot this week (unless I'm forgetting something), but she was definitely as amazing as always.

I tweeted about this during the episode, but this whole Catholic-Protestant conflict has developed fast. Last season made it seem like all of the peasants were pagans or something, and now there are suddenly no pagans but Protestants are secretly everywhere. Protestants are way more realistic of course, but storywise it's a bit of whiplash. It's interesting that they're going to route of Mary and Francis not wanting to do much at all about the Protestants. It's as if they want to give people religious freedom and are just hoping it won't develop into a political conflict that endangers their reign. I don't know the specifics of the real Mary and Francis's treatment of religion, but I'm not sure that any monarch at the time would have been very keen to take that outlook. Maybe I'm wrong. It definitely says good things about the Mary and Francis characters on the show though, and clearly, that's what they're more worried about.

Turns out the servant lady wasn't really possessed with Henry's ghost, and I have to say that I'm glad they went the realistic route with that. Although Francis kind of looks like an idiot now. I can forgive him considering his mother believes Nostradamus can really see the future. (I just realized that Nostradamus's visions were such a large part of season one, and we haven't had that at all in season two. Huh.)

I also have to say that that servant woman is a good actor. I can understand why Francis wouldn't think a random servant could act so well. I didn't see Narcisse being behind it coming at all, but wow, he's turning out to be quite the villain. He's definitely infuriating.

Also, him lying to Mary at the end has me so angry. He may be trying to protect her and everything, but I'm pretty sure the lie hurt her far worse. I get what he's doing, but I don't agree at all. I'm also worried about what this means for the state of their relationship in coming episodes.

I'm very amused by the fact that Kenna reads about some random guy whose name she doesn't know and just suddenly decides that Lola should be with him. It feels very middle school-y, and I'm not sure what the point is. I guess the point is that the guy turned out to be Narcisse, but I saw that coming honestly. I don't know why that would be a big deal. It's not like she was emotionally attached to this guy, and finding out it's Narcisse should theoretically just end any interest. Instead we're almost for sure going to get something between them I bet, and I can't say whether I'm intrigued or uninterested in that. I guess I'll just wait and see.

Greer and Castleroy are now officially married. I'm very upset about this as a Leith/Greer shipper. Leith was amazing in this episode too. Helping Sebastian in his new job and then trying to help Castleroy but also wanting Greer to know. I love him.

I suspect Castleroy being Protestant will cause a lot of problems in the future for him and, by extension, Greer. I don't think the end of the love triangle is over because they're married either. I could definitely see religion playing some sort of role in ending their marriage. (I'm predicting Castleroy's death because of his faith.) And then I'd assume that we'd be back to Greer and Leith. Maybe that's wishful thinking because I'm a shipper, but I just don't think that's over.

As for next week, I think I'm most interested in seeing how this Narcisse/Lola thing plays out. I could see it being a good story line, but I could also see it being one I hate. I guess we'll find out.

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