Friday, October 3, 2014

Reign Review: Season Two Episode One: "The Plague"

Reign's back! I'm almost positive that last season I ended up reviewing the entire second half of the season here on the blog as opposed to on my Youtube channel. I'm not sure if that will happen this time. I'll probably try to make more Youtube reviews, but I'm going to try and also start posting those videos here as well. I always mean to start doing that but don't. Maybe actually saying it publicly will force me to. Anyway, on with the episode...

We got so much of Mary and Catherine together in this episode, which is great for me. As I said all last season, Catherine is by far my favorite character, and Mary is definitely second. That may seem a bit odd since they're very different from each other, but I really love each of their character's. Plus, I really love how their relationship has progressed through the show, and that only continued in this episode. I love how Catherine fluctuates between trying to show Mary how to be a good queen to trying to gain power of her own at Mary's expense. They have an interesting dynamic that I always enjoy seeing played out.

I really enjoyed the conflict between the two of them in this episode. It's a nice topic to explore with Mary trying to figure out how to run a country while also sticking to her morals. I hope that's something they continue to explore in the future. It also makes me interested from what I know historically about Mary. I'm thinking about something happening significantly in the future from where the show is, but it's all rather interesting to me when thinking about Mary's character in the show.

I don't think it's surprising that the plague would, of course, enter the castle. I do have to say that the plague is such a nasty way to die, and this episode helped remind me how thankful I am that it's not an issue anymore. It was definitely on my mind that this storyline would really have no choice but to include deaths, but I wasn't all that worried about any major characters dying.

Pascal's death wasn't incredibly surprising either, since he hasn't been around long, but I would have enjoyed him sticking around. In a way it sort of felt like a cop out. Kenna and Sebastian were caring for him (which I thought was a nice little story), but that lasted almost no time at all thinks to his death. Nothing came from it except a sad death scene. I wish that had been something they carried out longer.

There was also the bit where they made everyone think Catherine was dying. Funny thing about this, I didn't really have much emotion when this happened. Catherine's my favorite character, so I definitely didn't want her to die, but I wasn't really bothered either. I think enough of me realized that there was no way they would actually kill her off, not like that at least. And I'm thankful for that too. She makes the show so much more fantastic. (I did love what Catherine decided to tell Mary once she thought she was dying.)

Francis and Lola are a storyline that I'm not entirely sure how to feel about. It'll be interesting to see if Lola and the baby leave or not. I just really hope they don't kill either Lola or the baby off in the plague to be honest because that would most definitely be a cop out. Them leaving kind of would too, and I don't really think they're going to do that. Leaving Lola and the baby at the castle is too good of an opportunity for drama. The only other thing to say about them I think is that I loved the scene where the baby was crying and Francis is awkwardly deciding what to do. That was pretty great.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good episode. I look forward to seeing what happens next. I suppose we could still get a major character death from the plague, but I'm not really expecting that at this point. We'll see I suppose.

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