Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Life Post: In the Midst of Finals Week

Since I don't actually have any finals today, I figured I should blog for the first time in five days. Funnily enough I'm feeling much less stress now that we're in the middle of finals week. I still have three more finals and two papers to turn in, but they're not even bothering me that much. The papers are basically written. I'll still go through and edit them a bit, but it's nothing that has me stressed out. As far as the finals go, I was most worried about Spanish, but I figured out that even if I get a 0% on the final I'd still get a B in the class. Since I'm fairly certain I can at least get above a 0%, that has me feeling a lot better. With my other two finals I'm not sure about what grade I need, but at least one of them is just like the next test of the year instead of being cumulative and over everything, so that's always a bit less stressful.

I also think I'm going to finish editing my gift for the Avatar fandom secret santa today. I'm still a bit iffy over how I actually feel about it. It's the ending I think. I'm not too proud of it, but I had to end it somehow. This isn't something I can make insanely long because if it got out of hand I'd never have it ready in time. Overall, I think it's pretty decent though, so I'm not too upset about how it ends.

I've also kept up editing my original story I've been working on while I was editing the secret santa gift, and I think I'm going to finish up a new draft of that sometime this week as well. I don't know how I managed that on finals week too, but somehow I did.

That's really all I've got since I last posted. Most of my time has revolved around finals and, if not that, writing/editing. It's going to feel amazing once finals are over. I really hope I start getting even more writing done. In addition to the original story and the secret santa gift, I have three other fanfictions sitting around waiting to be edited and posted. It's kind of crazy.

Oh, and I almost forgot mentioning any Youtube videos here. I did post a quick phone vlog because I feel bad about posting so little, but it was nothing significant.

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