Sunday, December 21, 2014

Life Post: Still Catching Up

I finally feel like I'm getting caught up on everything I was behind on during school. However, my blog doesn't really show that since I've only posted here a few times. I did get the End of Year Book Survey up today, which I wasn't expecting to get up until much closer to the end of the year because of other things I wanted to post. That thing took me forever. More than two hours I think, and it's not like it was writing. Most of it was just formatting and looking up book reviews in order to link them. In other words, much more tedious to me than just writing.

Since my last life post, I've gotten another one-shot posted, and I've gotten some awesome feedback on it, which is great. I had so much fun writing that one. I plan to get back to editing Move On and Recover (i.e. the newest Hunger Games fanfiction I'm working on) tomorrow, which has already been partially beta read. I'm hoping to start posting it as early in January as I can manage, but some of that depends on how much time my beta readers have. It's the holidays, so I have no problem with that coming first for all of them.

I've been really good about getting Youtube videos up lately. I finally reviewed the first half of season four of Supernatural. (I'm actually almost finished with season four already, so look out for another review soon.) I also reviewed Mockingjay Part 1 over there, which was basically me just gushing over how great it was. And yesterday I did the Ultimate Book Tag and answered some questions about books/reading/etc. It's made me feel incredibly productive. The long upload time here at home makes me feel like it takes more work to get videos up than it actually does though. My Supernatural review started uploading first thing when I woke up and wasn't done until past midnight. It was ridiculous.

It's hard to believe that it's now actually the week of Christmas. I've been watching Christmas movies and all of that, but it doesn't feel like the holiday should be quite this soon. It's also the first day of winter, which I'm only excited about because I want more daylight. Somehow I'm still surprised about how early it gets dark every single day.

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