Thursday, December 18, 2014

Life Post: Winter Break is Here

Wow, it's been a while. It had been more than a week since I posted anything before the Reign review that I posted this morning. Finals were crazy, and I feel like I've been rushing to catch up with all of the things I got behind on ever since winter break started. The odd thing is that I've only been on break for about a week now, but it kind of feels like it's been longer. It doesn't seem like I was only taking finals last week. I have to keep reminding myself what day it is.

My finals went pretty well I think. I only know what grade I got on one of them so far. I just now thought about this as I was writing, but more grades may actually be up. I should check, but I haven't bothered so far.

As for how break's going, I've gotten quite a bit of writing done. My Avatar fandom secret santa gift is ready to be gifted when the gifting period begins. I've also posted one other one-shot so far, and I have another one to post tomorrow once I finish up editing it. It's been nice to get both of those finally completed as they were each pushed aside and only worked on in small increments for what was probably a couple of months. I haven't actually worked on either the Hunger Games fanfiction or original story I've been writing since break began, but that's coming once this one-shot is up tomorrow.

Keeping up posting about what Youtube videos I've put up here, I've posted two since my last life post here. I participated in the Project for Awesome again this year, as I have for quite a few years now. I made a video about This Star Won't Go Out. I highly recommend checking them out even though P4A is over. I also posted a review of Korra two days ago finally.

Speaking of Korra, the series finale is posted online tonight. I can't believe it. I'm not watching it until tomorrow though because I don't think I could sleep afterwards if I watched it tonight. I'm kind of just trying to avoid thinking about it because I know the end will turn me into an emotional mess. It's just so hard to process the fact that it will be over in just hours.

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