Saturday, January 3, 2015

Life Post: So... I Got My License. Finally.

First blog post of 2015! I hope you have all had an awesome start to the year. Mine's been pretty good I think.

All of my days since winter break started have more or less blurred together, so I'm struggling to think about what exactly it is that has happened since my last post on Christmas. I think the absolute biggest thing though would be that I got my license! Yep. After more than five years of struggling with that, I finally have a license. I really can't believe it. The actual card itself only came in the mail today even though I passed my test and got a temporary paper one a week ago. It's also weird seeing the "under 21 until..." thing gone as well, and now it's horizontal instead of vertical (not sure about other states but in Indiana you get vertical IDs until you're 21 in order to be carded easier). It's just a really odd feeling to know I don't have to worry about getting my license anymore because I already have it.

Other than that the only other "big" thing I can think of is that I got two new pairs of glasses. I got a new pair from the eye doctor as well as ordering an extra pair online (even though I also have my old glasses as an extra pair since it's the same prescription). The online pair came in the mail yesterday, and I picked up the other pair from the doctor today. I like them both so far. The pair from the doctor, which I'm going to primarily wear, is blue with this kind of textured stripe design on the sides. My extra pair is the first pair of plastic glasses that I've owned. They're black on the outside with a little bit of purple lining the sides, but the inside of them is completely purple, so I'm incredibly excited about that. I may wear them sometimes just for fun if I'm being honest. I need to wear them long enough to see if my eyes adjust just to make sure they work well anyway since they came from online.

I didn't mention this in my Christmas post because it was still uploading, but I reviewed Disney's A Christmas Carol on Christmas over on my Youtube channel. I also reviewed episodes 211-220 of Naruto Shippuden over there, which was the first Naruto review I'd done on Youtube in four months. And then just yesterday I posted my December 2014 wrap-up and January 2015 TBR, which is basically me going through all of the books I read in December and all of the ones I plan to read this month.

I only have a week left of my winter break, so I'm hoping to be really productive with writing this week. I finished working on Move On and Recover, my newest Hunger Games fanfiction, this past week. I'm going to actually post the first chapter tomorrow. Then on Monday I'm going to start working on a completely new fanfiction that I'm pretty excited about. That will probably be a good deal of what I'm doing for the last week of break.

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