Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life Post: Spanish, English, and Spilled Drinks

It's been a week since my last life post, so I haven't updated since classes started. Things have been pretty hectic this week as I get back into the swing of things and figure out how much time each class is going to take up and all of that. I still have three classes I haven't been to yet (because one was cancelled on Tuesday, one is only once a week, and one is arranged and in the process of being set up for next week), so I still don't really know what my workload will look like this semester. So far, with the three classes I've been to, it's not bad at all, but that's obviously only half of the classes I'm going to have.

I'm liking my classes so far though. I was nervous about Spanish since doing well in this class relies on retaining the information from last semester. Plus, we have to speak in Spanish almost entirely this semester, which is pretty intimidating even though we had to speak Spanish a ton last semester too of course. The professor makes it less scary though because he's great about it when we forget a word and have to switch to English (but he makes us repeat it in Spanish once we've figured it out), so that helps. It's kind of funny because he also pronounces my name wrong every single time (with a "k" instead of an "h"), and the entire class has tried pronouncing it for him to get it right, but that hasn't helped. It'll be interesting if I'm "Kaley" all semester.

The other two classes I've been to so far are a class on this history of English, which is about both how English came about and developed as well as how to teach grammar to students (as it's primarily for future English teachers) and a class on Shakespeare. I find the history of language pretty fascinating actually, and grammar has never really bored me even though it's not the most fascinating thing in the entire world (even though I could ramble forever about how it's actually pretty awesome that we've put together all these rules in order to help ourselves understand each other but I won't do that).

As for the Shakespeare class, I'm probably most excited for it so far. I think it's going to be really great. It's one of those things where the professor is so obviously passionate about what she's teaching us, which always makes a class better, and the class as a whole also seems really excited about it and not at all like the absolute dread that seemed to be so prevalent when we studied Shakespeare in high school. Plus, we're reading plays that aren't often taught in high school classes, which is also exciting, and we're reading both Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream, which are my two favorite plays. I've studied Hamlet before in another college class (with the same teacher actually), but I've never read A Midsummer Night's Dream in a class.

In non-school related news, I dumped Pepsi on my pretty new laptop yesterday. I'm really angry at myself. I was even drinking out of a bottle with a cap and everything. I had the cap off for about five seconds and managed to do it. The only good part of this is that the laptop seems to be working fine other than some of the keys sticking, which is obviously making writing this extremely difficult. Any key that I hit with my right hand has to be pressed really hard in order to work. I tried cleaning up the keyboard as best I could yesterday, but I can't really get under the keys. I'm hoping this will go away eventually, but I honestly have no idea if this will be a problem with they keyboard for a long time or not. It's just amazing to me that I had my old laptop for years and never did this, but I've had this one less than half a year and managed to do this. But again, at least the computer still works. I'm thankful for that.

Remember how I talked about starting another blog? That's up now. I posted the first post about a week ago, but I haven't posted here since then in order to mention it here. That blog is going to be more of a writing blog while this one stays as basically what it is now. I know I talk about my writing here sometimes in these life posts, but over there I'm going to have posts entirely about things I'm writing or whatever else I want to talk about that pertains to writing. I also think I'll post actual things I write that are shorter at least occasionally. That does include some sorts of things that I probably would have just posted here in the past, but generally speaking, this blog will be the same. I'll still do these life posts here and reviews as well as other posts like always (even though those "other" sorts of posts have been extremely infrequent for months now primarily due to lack of time).

The first post over there is actually a character interview. I "interviewed" Ledia, who is the main character in a series I've been working on for years now. I think I've mentioned it several times in posts over the past several years, although I'm not all that sure about how much detail I've gone into. You can learn more by going over there though.

I've actually managed to post four Youtube videos since my last life post, so that's quite an accomplishment, especially compared to recently. I reviewed two books: No Higher Honor by Condoleezza Rice and Catholicism by Robert Barron. I also did a "life vlog" on the day that I just happened to learn that I have three cavities. And, finally, I reviewed the second half of Supernatural season four.

Anyway, I don't have much longer before I have to be to class, and this is actually one of the classes I haven't been to yet. It'll be the only music class I've taken in college other than the music portion of humanities, so I don't really have a good idea what to expect. Hopefully it'll go well though and I won't feel too out of place. I have no idea how many people in there will be music majors, but I'm hoping there will be at least a few other people there who aren't.

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