Friday, February 13, 2015

Drawing and Music

There are several things I wish I was better at, and most of those things are towards the artistic side of things. Mostly I just wish I could draw and do something music oriented better. I'll admit my drawings could be worse when I seriously try and work on something for months, and just sketching and whatnot I'm absolutely terrible. When it comes to music, I had at least two (maybe it was three?) years of piano, a semester of keyboard (in school), a year of clarinet, and a year and (I think) half a semester of choir. I quit all of that though. Piano and clarinet because I could stand my teachers. Keyboard because that was just a required class, and choir because I no longer had room in my school schedule for it.

As for drawing, I took a year of art. Half of that was drawing and the other half was various 2D arts. (This was in high school. Before that, I had scattered art and music, in addition to music in church since it was a Catholic school, but art and music stuff only happened on occasion.)

I do think I could get good at either if I set my mind to it. I just haven't. That's mostly because I know writing would always be the most important to me, and I've made the decision to just focus on that instead of trying to do all of them and having less time for writing.

I'm starting to rethink that though. I still want to focus on writing far more than anything, but I'm becoming surer that I really start wanting to try and improve my drawing and/or music (not sure what instrument or anything though) skills. I don't plan to ever be amazing or anything, but I may start playing around soon. Just letting myself have fun should lead to me being at least somewhat better, right?

With my hectic schedule lately I don't know when I'd actually get around to doing all of this, but it's definitely something I'm thinking about for whenever my schedule calms down a bit. I think I would feel pretty satisfied with myself if I managed it.

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