Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Miss A

I've had a bit of exposure to both Jpop and Kpop in the past five or so years, but I've never listened to much of it at all. I've heard maybe a couple of songs by different people, and the only songs I ever remember are ones that go along with memorable openings or closings to anime. (There are two in particular that I think of with Naruto.)

I'm currently studying Japanese, and I plan to learn Korean in the future, so it was always on my mind that beginning to listen to music would be a good way to help that. Theoretically, the means I should be getting into Japanese music since I've started learning it, and although I do know some specific songs I like in Japanese, I kind of got really into a Kpop girl group this past week.

I've watched so many of their videos, guys, and I think I can definitely consider myself a fan. It was a surprise. I wasn't planning on it when I randomly decided to watch one of their videos, but now here we are. I guess I need to seriously focus on my Japanese so I can then move onto Korean.

The group is Miss A, in case you're wondering. I'm going to leave you with one of their videos which I've watched far too many times since last week.

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