Sunday, February 15, 2015

Naruto Shippuden Review: Episodes 231-235

I got into a long streak of posting Naruto reviews over on Youtube instead of here. You can go watch them there, but with the amount of filler I've just been wading through lately, I'm honestly not sure if you should be bothered. I haven't been overly thrilled with the latest episodes I've watched, and that basically continued with these five episodes. This ship ride is taking forever, and while the filler has definitely portrayed how monotonous sailing on a ship is (not that that's happening purposefully), I'm ready for it to be over so we can move on to the truly interesting stuff.

One thing that keeps bothering me about these episodes (and only exacerbates the fact that I hate how long this trip is taking) is that Naruto and company keep running into people from Konoha at all these random places. These people left way after Naruto but still manage to get somewhere ahead of them easily and then are shown back in Konoha while Naruto and them are still sailing away. What is with that? It's driving me crazy. It's reached the point where I roll my eyes every time it happens again.

That being said, I like that they show up because they help spice things up a bit. I think I'd be even more bored with these episodes otherwise. Still, I want them off that ship, and I'm tired of watching people just pop in and out in no time at all.

My favorite thing to come out of episode 231 was Shikamaru's line about being happy he met Naruto. It was cute. I love friendship-y stuff, especially with Naruto considering the past, and Shikamaru is one of my favorite characters. Basically there was a lot of different stuff that went into making me freak out a little over that one line.

While nothing all that much happened in it, I did enjoy the episode where the girls and boys each get together. It's nice to see them all hanging out. Like I said, I like friendship stuff. I also loved the "Why do we all hang out together?" bit. I like moments like that a lot because it kind of takes you outside the story a bit and makes you think "You hang out a lot because you're the cast of an anime."

Sai was noticeably (for me at least) missing from the guys' get together. I get that, but it also would have been nice to see him there because he's one of my favorites, and I want so badly for him to have close friendships and all of that.

The episode with the Naruto imposter was mostly just boring for me. The two guys just annoyed me more than anything, and I really don't think I have much to say about it.

I really liked the episode where Konohamaru challenged Temari. I was excited before I even started the episode just because I knew both Shikamaru and Temari would be in it. (I ship them so much. It's ridiculous.) So, I might have freaked out a bit over the very small bit of interaction they had, but I liked it for other reasons too. I liked Konohamaru's realization about what he needs to do. We don't see him all that much, and I thought it was nice.

Episode 235 was definitely interesting in a strange way. I don't have much to say about it other than the fact that I freaked out a bit about Naruto's little speech about Sakura and then Sasuke. I ship Naruhina (and in case you're wondering I'm completely aware how the manga ends), but I actually quite liked that speech. It was strangely wise with Naruto's comment that he wouldn't force Sakura to be with him and all that. Plus his awareness of Sakura's feelings for Sasuke. He could do with being a bit more aware of Hinata's feelings for him, but still, I really did like that scene. (Knowing the end of the manga also made it more amusing than it probably would have been otherwise.)

I have no idea when this filler ends as I haven't bothered to look into it and find out. I'm hoping it's soon, but the pessimist in me feels like I'll be watching this forever. I guess I'll let myself wait it out and be surprised.

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