Friday, February 6, 2015

Reign Review: Season 2 Episode 13: "Sins of the Past"

I really don't want Catherine to go crazy. I've said that multiple times so far this season, but it keeps coming back up as the show goes on. I definitely don't want her to go the same way Henry did. I'm thankful they seem to have figured out what was causing her madness, and I hope that it means all the strangeness surrounding her lately is going to be over soon.

That being said, I find it really odd that Narcisse is the one who helped her figure it out. I don't know if I even remember them actually interacting before this. And after they figured out it was the book, I want to know how the sores got in her mouth too. Was it because her hands touched her food? And what was put on that book because I didn't know things like that were possible (not surprising since I know nothing about poisons)? Then there's the obvious questions of who did it and why. This has opened up a lot of questions for me, so maybe something good will come out of this Catherine storyline. I definitely hope so considering I haven't been the biggest fan of it so far.

Bash and Kenna are still having some difficulties, but I'm not too worried about them since not much happened this episode and Bash sounded so confident that they would be alright in the long run. I don't imagine much more happening to keep them apart of anything like that.

Marcus continues to make me hate him. He's one of those people that you talk to for about five seconds and already know that you can't stand them.

Lola and Conde continued to be adorable in this episode, and I feel like I almost shouldn't ship them after they were kind of forced on each other (my same initial misgivings about Kenna and Bash funnily enough) and with Conde supposedly spying on anyone. A relationship between them doesn't seem like all that great of an idea. At least not at the moment. But I definitely think they would make pretty great friends at the very least.

Continuing along the lines of couples I've never talked much about, I feel like I'm kind of on the fence with Claude and Narcisse. I hate Narcisse, but I'm trying so hard to like Claude. That alone makes me kind of not want them together. I think Narcisse is bad news. I don't know if he's capable of a relationship that's actually healthy. Yet at the same time I kind of feel like they're the only two characters that I could see the other one with, so there's that. I just don't know how I feel about it yet.

I can say that, while I'm on the fence with the other Lola and Narcisse potential couples, Narcisse needs to leave Lola alone. No. Just no. I can't get behind it at all, and I thought we were finally done with that. Why did it have to come back? And to be quite honest, I don't get Kenna's line to Lola about how if Narcisse's advances annoy Lola then they must mean something to her. Because if I were in Lola's situation, I would be very annoyed, and it most definitely would not be because he meant anything to me.

My heart broke for Mary in this episode, especially at the end when she let Francis sleep in the bed with her. I think the show is continuing to do a good job with the aftermath for her.

I thought this was a pretty good episode overall. I do hope Greer comes up again sometime soon. I don't want her to be forgotten about, and that kind of seemed to happen in this episode.

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