Friday, February 20, 2015

Reign Review: Season 2 Episode 15: "Forbidden"

I don't even know where to begin with this episode. I really liked parts of it, but other aspects of it frustrated me so much that I don't know what to say other than to complain. Part of that is probably the fact that this week has exhausted me and I'm just not in all that bright of a mood as I write this, but I honestly think the decision for how to end this episode was a stupid one. Let me try to cover some other stuff before I get to that though.

Mary's mother is back, and that was one of the aspects of the episode I liked. I liked that it was established that she was trying to protect Mary in her own way, and I enjoyed the confrontation between her and Lola.

Lola accidentally on the drugs was also amusing, although I feel bad saying that considering. It made for some great comedy though. I really loved her comment about how scary Mary's mom was and what she said about the baby. It was hilarious.

What really threw me was Narcisse. I fully expected him to give in, and I was cringing because obviously Lola was really high and it's not right to take advantage of people like that and all of that. But then he pushed her away, which was surprising enough for me, but he actually looked fond of her when she left. This is really throwing me off because I pretty much think the absolute worst of Narcisse, and while sometimes terrible people/characters have exceptions and people they care about, I hadn't really picked up on any hints that Narcisse genuinely cared for Lola even a little bit before that happened. I'm not all that sure about where that's going to go.

I feel sad about Kenna and Bash, but we've reached the point where I really feel like something needs to explode with them if they're going to make it past this. The story's gone too far with this for whatever's going on to just be dropped. I honestly don't think Kenna and Bash's marriage will fall apart. Her marrying Antoine would pretty much set her up to leave court, and I don't see that happening. That doesn't necessarily mean she stays married to Bash, but I'm honestly not really worried about them working things out.

Greer didn't really have much to do this episode, but I'm just glad that she's still around that I can be okay with her having one episode of doing very little (as long as it doesn't become a thing).

And then we have the Francis/Mary/Conde triangle. I've said a million times that I hate this, and nothing has changed. I just don't like anything about that love triangle. And Lola is increasingly becoming a part of it too. The thing is, I get Lola. She's the mother of Francis's child, so I get why that would pull him towards her. However, I can't get the Mary/Conde thing, and I think that's where my biggest problem is.

I do want to say that I love Mary's speech about taking what's hers and not just being a vessel for an heir and all of that. I entirely support that, and I applaud her for a decision like that when she lived during a time when women were often treated like little more than property. To be a sole queen back then would take a tremendous amount of strength. (Well, let's be real. Being a ruler at any point in history takes a lot of strength, but you get the point.)

I just wish that her new found strength didn't involve Conde because I just can't figure out why she has feelings for him. While we've known he's had feelings for her for a while, I didn't see Mary's feelings for him as anything more than friendship until maybe the last episode, and that makes her announcing her feelings feel extremely abrupt to me. Of course, I fully acknowledge that I want Mary and Francis together, and maybe that's clouding how I view it. I just never saw anything from Mary that I would consider romantic until about last episode. Plus, I'm not that huge of a fan of love triangles, so that's working against me as well here. I just hate this storyline.

As for if Mary will actually wind up back in Scotland in the show, I think it would be cool, but I'm not betting on it. The entire show has centered around France, and it would be strange to me if they changed it. I think it would be nice for Mary, and I could see them doing it for a short time (maybe a few episodes?). However, I definitely don't think Mary would be there long if she wound up back there at all. We'll see what happens in the coming episodes though.

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