Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life Post: Behind

I started off today behind. I had about half of the things I was supposed to do yesterday that I still needed to do, so I was determined to focus on absolutely nothing other than that. I've actually been pretty productive today. It's just that my to do list was (and still is) so long that you couldn't tell by looking at what's left on it.

Maybe I'd have a little more done if the stuff with One Direction hadn't happened today, but I haven't even let myself react to that all that much. I just can't spare the time to focus on it.

Tomorrow being Friday is basically the only thing keeping me sane right now. I've hardly slept all week, and I'm so out of it that it's hard to even string words together that make sense. I know that's extremely bad, but I seriously can't help it. Even with the amount of sleep I've had I don't have time to do everything. It's insane. And this weekend is probably going to largely consist of me trying to catch up on everything I'm behind on.

I'm keeping this as short as I can because of that. I posted a vlog yesterday that was filmed on Sunday when I drove up to Indianapolis for the first time by myself. It was supposed to be up on Monday, but since I'm behind, it was late Tuesday. Now, I'm off to go work some more.

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