Monday, March 16, 2015

Life Post: Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

Today has been a massively long day. I'm writing this so close to midnight that it might very well be Tuesday here by the time I hit "publish."

I wanted to write today for similar reasons to wanting to write yesterday. (Well, kind of, it has very little to do with driving, but I wanted to acknowledge today anyway.)

I went to the school that I'm having my practicum at today for the second time. This was the first time I was actually in the class since last time was just a meeting. I'm proud to say that I didn't get lost going there this time, but that did mean I was there insanely early since I had left extra early in case I did get lost.

Everything went well. I'm not going to go into detail for the same reason I mentioned the last time I talked about this. I was really nervous about it, which is probably part of the reason I hardly slept last night. I got less than four hours. I tossed and turned forever. I don't think it was just nerves. In fact, I don't think I was actually that nervous for the observation. I was just full of stress and had driven all day and knew I had to wake up early the next day after it had been break and knew I had tons and tons of stuff to do the next day (which I have not finished) and you get the idea. Plus, my bed here at school is as hard as a rock and you can feel every spring. I think going back to that after my much more comfortable bed at home was at least partially responsible.

I got so frustrated at one point though that I nearly started crying in bed because I was so desperate to fall asleep. Yeah... It was bad. But I'm hoping that after that I'll sleep much better tonight. Fingers crossed. I get to sleep in a bit later at any rate.

So, yeah. Things are as crazy as always. In fact, I think my school workload magically doubled, and it's only the first day after break.

The end of this semester can not come fast enough.

Oh, and the last thing since it's driving me crazy. My laptop has started making weird noises. It's like the static-y sound you get from microphones sometimes. I have no idea what it is, and it's kind of freaking me out...

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