Monday, March 23, 2015

Life Post: It's Finally Under Control

Last week the amount of work I had reached an all-time high, and I honestly thought I might lose my mind for a while. I hardly slept last week, and it was just not good at all. I had to figure out how I could do something about it, but I was at a complete loss for what that would be. I couldn't lessen the amount of work. (Well, theoretically, I could, but that would have involved sacrificing writing or something like that, which I wasn't going to do.)

But I think I actually figured it out. Today's been the least stressful day I've had in quite a while, and it's looking like the rest of this week is going to be the same way. I'm so thankful because I've needed this for the majority of the semester.

Still, most of what I'm doing is school stuff or writing, so there's not all that much to comment on. While I've gotten the workload to be manageable, it's all still there and has to be done.

I wrote a letter to Little Mix over on my writing blog and also posted a short little thing about my writing goals. Over on Youtube, I posted one of the most random videos ever for no real reason. I'm really hoping that I'll have more time to film and edit videos in the future, so hopefully I'll do something more soon. We'll see.

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