Friday, March 13, 2015

Life Post: Lots of Writing, Not So Much Reading

I've reached the point where I've realized spring break is almost over and I'm in shock because I don't know how that's possible despite this happening every single time. In good news, I've more or less gotten as much writing done as I wanted to. I did want to finish up this draft, which hasn't happened yet, but I have high hopes that I could accomplish that tomorrow. (Maybe even tonight since I still have some more work to do, but that's less likely.)

In not as great news, I have gotten essentially no reading done during break. I'm still behind on my 2015 reading challenge. In fact, I'm even further behind than before break. I haven't even finished one book so far. I'm still reading the same two books I was at the beginning of break, and I've hardly made any progress in either of them.

I have made an important decision about reading though that should help rectify that situation. I'll start talking more about it next week. Basically, I'm having my own read-a-thon of sorts except it'll be quite a bit longer than those usually last I think, and it's going to work a bit differently than usual since I have no time. I mean, time is the entire problem. As of right now, I plan on it being three weeks, and the basic idea is I can do nothing except read when I'm not doing school work or writing. I'm not sure if I'm going to make an exception for things like Reign or if I'll hold off on that until after the three weeks too. I probably won't decide on that until the heat of the moment.

Overall though, I can't complain when I've got the amount of writing done that I have so far this week. It helps that this is the first of a fanfiction series that has been developing in my head for years and years now. At least five years I think. It's feeling good to finally have it actually down. It's making me feel pretty good.

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