Monday, March 2, 2015

Life Post: Oh, Look, Something Actually Happened

For the first time in what seems like quite a while, I actually have something exciting to share in a life post, and it's only been a few days since my last one!

So, I have a practicum at a middle school this semester, and I got to go meet with the teacher for the first time. They had a two hour delay, but I was there at eight and stayed for two hours. All of the kids were coming in when I left, so I didn't meet any kids or anything. I did have a meeting with the teacher I'll be working with and got a tour of the school and things like that. We set a schedule for me going in the rest of the semester, and I got to meet a lot of the staff around the school. I'm pretty optimistic about it. It'll be my first time actually in the classroom (unless you count peer tutoring middle schoolers when I was in high school), so it should be interesting at least.

Obviously I won't be able to talk about that all that much here because of students' privacy, but I wanted to mention that I'd gone since it feels like it's kind of a big deal. And also the most note-worthy thing from me recently since I've been consumed with school and books. (I've begun using that exact phrase all of the time now because apparently I like the imagery "consumed" creates. I don't know why.)

We also had a record snowfall for March 1st, so that was great when I had to drive to the school. What should have been a ten minute drive took me forty, but that's also because I got lost. (And by lost, I mean that I was going the right way but second guessed myself and then managed to basically get lost by thinking I was already lost. And then I did the same thing on the way back to campus. Note to self: trust your gut instinct when you're going places. It's more likely to be right.) Luckily, I had decided to leave forty minutes early, so I got there exactly three minutes early. (Probably exactly on time by the time I made it to the office.) I was getting really worried there towards the end of the drive.

Anyway, I was originally bringing up the snow in order to talk about how spring break is next week, yet we have piles of snow everywhere and are supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow morning. Amazingly, even with all of this weather, I haven't even had canceled classes. (I mean, I even spent time in a middle school while it was on a two hour delay today. Nothing's really stopped for me because of the weather.) I'm wondering if my first class will be canceled tomorrow though because of the ice. I don't think we've had all that much ice so far, so this'll be worse than the snow. It's supposed to shoot up to forty later though (and then drop down again. Our weather likes its temper tantrums.), so I don't imagine I'll miss more than my first class. We'll see.

This is the longest life post I've written in ages. It's amazing what one change in your routine will bring out. I seriously have been able to think about nothing but school and writing lately. Which, speaking of, I have both more homework and more writing to get to today, so I'm off to go do that.

Oh, but I do have to mention that I wrote about my ongoing writer's block of sorts on my writing blog yesterday. The truly funny thing is this post seems to contradict everything I said in that post, so I'm hoping that means writing about it broke all of that. Here's hoping.

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