Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Post: So Much

I was supposed to write this yesterday, but I didn't get to half of what I had planned to do yesterday. I'm lucky I just barely got homework done. Now I don't know what I had planned to write, and I only have a few minutes until I have to go out the door to go to my practicum.

Things are just crazy. Possibly crazy than what I was saying in my last life post. I've mentioned before that I have to do lists every day. It's the only way to keep track of the stuff I need to get done. Well, I have managed to get about half of that to do list done about every single day so far this week, and I only add on just as much to it every day. Luckily, I manage to get the things that absolutely have to be done done, but it feels like it's just barely most of the time.

I really, really hope that things aren't quite on this level for the rest of the semester. I'd probably lose my mind. Luckily, the school where I have my practicum has their spring break after this week, so that's a bit of a break from one thing. I shouldn't be saying that the week after my own spring break, but it honestly doesn't feel like I got a break at all.

In happy, less stressful news, Miss A's new single comes out later this month. The teaser images for the video look awesome, and I'm really excited about it.

Now, I have to leave in just a few minutes, so I need to wrap this up. Fingers crossed I can actually finish my to do list today.

I almost forgot really quickly to mention that I posted another character interview over on my writing blog a couple of days ago.

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