Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Out of the Loop

The amount of work I've had lately means I've spent very little time on Twitter or Tumblr lately. Today that turns out to be a good thing because there is some massive drama going on in both the One Direction and Little Mix fandoms (both of which I happen to be a part of), and I have absolutely no time to have anything to do with it.

Basic rundown of what I know from the ten seconds or so I've been able to spare to the situation: Zayn was photographed with some girl. Some girl who was not Perrie, his fiancee.

Cue massive freak outs.

In a different situation I'd be on Twitter and Tumblr sharing opinions on the situation and actually curious about what it is that's going on. Now though, I can't spare it more than a passing thought. The only reason this is happening is because I promised myself I'd blog today, had no idea what to write about, and had just looked at this.

Other people worry about getting so busy that they no longer have a social life. I'm becoming disconnected from my fandoms.

Seriously. I feel so out of the loop lately, and the worst part is I dont' see it getting better until after finals in May. Then I'm going to have to massively catch up on what's been happening. It may take all of summer break.

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