Friday, March 13, 2015

Reign Review: Season 2 Episode 16: "Tasting Revenge"

Where do I even begin with this episode? First of all, that three week break felt like it was much longer. I'd forgotten what was even going on in the show, but it all came back to me easily enough as I watched.

It feels like a lot happened in this episode, and so much of it involved infidelity. Do we even have one married couple on this show who is currently happy? None are coming to mind. In fact, I think Greer and Lord Castleroy's marriage would win right now just because they're completely separated from each other, and obviously, that doesn't mean much.

This isn't something that really occurred to me after the last episode, but after watching this one, I'm starting to believe that Mary's feelings for Conde are more about her clinging to him as a way to heal as opposed to actually having feelings for him. Now that I'm starting to see it in that way, the story makes more sense to me. I complained last time that, as far as I had been able to tell, Mary's feelings for Conde came out of nowhere, and I think that could be a plausible explanation. It actually makes me feel better about the storyline.

Don't get me wrong, I do think Mary truly cares about Conde. It's just that I think it's always been as a friend. I think she's convinced herself that she has romantic feelings for him for a variety of reasons. Most notably that she's started viewing him as the only chance she has to ever move past what happened to her.

Lola spoke to Francis about how Mary would come back to him in the end. I definitely think she will. The show has built up their relationship as the primary relationship of the show (and romantically speaking, just not through marriage), and while they may do a ton of different storylines to try and shake things up, I don't foresee them doing anything that permanently keeps Mary and Francis apart. They'll always be happy at the very least in spurts. I can't see them doing anything else.

I also said after the last episode that I didn't see Mary going to Scotland for very long if at all, and I think after this episode it's very obvious that she won't be going at all. There's no way she and Conde are making it to Scotland.

Also, as much as I hate Conde, I get why he would pursue Elizabeth. I do, however, wish he would have just broken things off with Mary because he's essentially leading her on. It just be so much better for everyone in the long run if he told her he couldn't be with her. He wouldn't even have to explain why.

Watching Kenna fall for Antoine was so difficult because it's so obvious from the audience's view point that he's lying. It was one of those moments where you really want to reach in the screen and yell at the character to do something (or not do something). I'm hoping Antoine's gone for at least a while now though. I really can't stand him at all, and I'm not sure what his character would have to do anymore.

The last scene with Kenna and Bash was also really sad. They've quickly become two of my favorites. (I don't really have a rank of couples, but they'd probably be second after Greer and Leith if I did.) I hope they work things out.

Speaking of Greer and Leith though, were they not absolutely amazing in this episode? I love them. I loved each scene with the two of them. There is, of course, the problem of Greer being married, but at this point I consider it extremely doubtful that Lord Castleroy is showing up again. I don't know what that means or how it will be handled, but I wouldn't be surprised if Greer ends up no longer married in the future.

Those two were definitely my favorite part of the episode. So much of this episode was the Conde-Mary-Francis triangle, and I've talked before how I'm not very fond of it. I still enjoyed this episode, but I would have liked it more with less of all of that.

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