Sunday, March 8, 2015

Supernatural Review: First Half of Season Five

I reviewed all of season four of Supernatural over on Youtube (first half and second half), but it's been almost two months since the last one. I haven't had all that much time to watch it lately, and then, once I had watched the entire first half of season five, I was so focused on other things that I forgot I even needed to do a review. This should have been up more than two weeks ago. (Hopefully that just means the review of the rest of season five will be seemingly quicker.)

Anyway, I'm getting so close to when I've had so many people tell me that the show gets bad, so I'm getting more and more nervous about that. I think season six is when most people really think it goes downhill? So I still have a bit, but I'm not gonna lie, I keep thinking about that as I'm watching. It's kind of making me want to take the show slowly because I don't want to start disliking it.

Writing this review is also proving difficult because watching these episodes did take me such a long time that it's a struggle to remember everything. I'm even considering cutting these reviews into smaller amount of episodes. Maybe five or something like my Naruto reviews are. I'm not really sure, but that tends to work pretty well for Naruto. So, what can I think to say about these episodes...

I love Cas. He's so great, and I love the humor he brings. I get really excited every single time he appears.

There was a quote in the first episode of the season that was something along the lines of "dreaming doesn't mean this isn't real." I, of course, immediately thought of Dumbledore and Deathly Hallows.

The storyline of searching for God is such an intriguing one to me. I think that's a very interesting direction to go in, and I'm the idea of the sort of bureaucratic system the angels have going to the point that most of them don't even realize that God is gone is so fascinating to me.

"Jerusalem." "How was it?" "Arid." I have no idea why, but that exchange killed me. For some reason that is just the perfect type of humor to me.

There was an episode that took place in the future, and that future was August 1st, 2014. That was a nice reminder that these episodes are old. (Also, that was three days before my twenty-first birthday. Awesome.)

The haunted wax museum might have scared me away from wax museums in the future, and I was definitely not expecting Paris Hilton in that episode. I was just watching it, and when she popped up, I had to pause it and Google it because I knew it was her but I was having trouble believing it was actually her.

The half-demon/anti-Christ child episode was so sad. I loved the conflict between killing the kid or letting him live because he hadn't actually done anything wrong.

The episode where they get trapped in different types of shows was a fun one. I really liked that episode. The trickster actually being Gabriel was a cool plot twist too.

The Supernatural convention episode was another very fun one to me. I loved that. It was fun to see Sam and Dean react to all of that.

Jo and Ellen's deaths were extremely sad. I'm glad I knew that was coming from spoilers because otherwise they might have been even more sad.

I think that's all I have to say about this set of episodes. I'm already a bit into the second half of the season, so hopefully I'll have a review up for those episodes much sooner than I had this one up.

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