Sunday, April 19, 2015

Life Post: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Let's try one of these when I'm not extremely pressed for time. I've been really thankful for this weekend and having the chance to sleep in a bit. And by sleep in I really just mean waking up at a normal hour. This week is going to be terrible for getting sleep again, but after that, I think I'll start actually getting the kind of sleep I should be getting.

I have several huge papers due for the end of the semester, and those as well as the lessons I have to teach for my practicum are my biggest sources of stress right now. However, two of those papers and all of my lessons will be finished by the end of this week. I don't feel ready for that. I don't feel like I've had enough time to work on any of it mostly because I've had to be working on so much of it, but at least once it's over, that will be a lot less worry. I'll have more time to focus on my remaining papers then, and I imagine that I'll feel more satisfied with them considering I had more time with less work.

I finished a first draft of something the other day as well. It's part of The Society, which I've talked about writing at various points before. I talk about that more often over on my writing blog. I feel pretty good about this for a first draft though, so that's always nice. I'm amazed I got it out with how crazy school has been, but it was pretty short in comparison to various other things I've been working on.

In an attempt to get back to mentioning my posts on my writing blog or Youtube here, I'm going to post those again. However, I don't want to go through absolutely everything because I can't even remember when I slipped and stopped posting those. I'm just going to go with what's gone up the last several days. I posted a quick phone vlog for the first time in probably months. I also did a video review for the newest Reign episode, and again, that was the first time I'd done that in almost three months. Finally, I'm going to go ahead and throw it out there that I updated my Hunger Games fanfiction. I've mentioned it here before as well, but it's a Gale/Johanna fic that takes place after Mockingjay. I posted chapter nine. I wasn't posting for a while, but for some reason, even with the craziness of school, I've become much better about updating lately.

Now, I have some papers to work on and lessons to prepare for, so I'll be getting back to that.

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