Friday, April 3, 2015

Miss A - Only You Music Video Talk

I mentioned several days ago that I may or may not do a review of Miss A’s new music video. I I’ve decided that I will but it's probably going to be pretty brief. Especially since I'm working with a broken keyboard.

Overall I really like the video.  I've watched it a million times.

I do, however, wish there wasn't the creepy stalker guy. That's probably my one complaint about the video. It seemed unnecessary, the guy was it just creepy.

But the rest of the video I really liked. I really like that they used bright colors when the name of the album is Colors, and I just really liked the whole look of the video. Plus, the song is really awesome too.

I'd go into more detail if I had a working keyboard, but I'll go ahead and leave it at that. Voice recognition gets quite frustrating after a while.

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