Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Things I Love But Don't Really Talk About

I feel like there are a few things I'm a fan of that I never talk about online. I'm incredibly involved in certain fandoms but other (potential fandoms, we'll call them) get swept under the rug. It makes sense. Not everything has an active fandom, so there could just be nothing online. Or I'm just too stretched thin to pay attention to every single fandom, which is also true.

Still, I want to talk about these things sometimes, so here's just several things I love that I never talk about that much online.

Pirates of the Caribbean. This even includes the later movies. I know that puts me in a minority, but I'm someone who tends to stay loyal to something fairly easily. It's not like I think they're masterpieces, but I enjoy them. I am kind of active in a fandom for this one though if we lump it in with the larger Disney fandom.

Phantom of the Opera. Another one of my all time favorite movies. I've loved it since I was in middle school and our music teacher showed it in class. I think it was the first musical I was really into other than Disney movies.

Rent. Speaking of musicals, I love Rent enough to own both the movie and filmed stage version of it. I can't remember when I started liking it though. I think early in high school? I feel like it was at least freshmen year.

I'm going to stop there because this is reminding me that I really need to go back and re-watch all of these things. I haven't in quite a while. When I get really busy I tend to stick with watching new things instead of re-watching old ones, and that's been this semester for me. Maybe I'll make it a summer goal. I also mentioned re-reading Harry Potter (also hasn't happened in an embarrassingly long time) over the summer, so maybe I shouldn't get too ambitious.

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