Thursday, April 23, 2015

What Makes Something a Favorite?

The line between my favorite books and books I just really like has always been fuzzy for me. Harry Potter's definitely top of the list, but after that, I'm never really sure where to cut off my "favorite" books. For a couple of years now, I've had an "all-time favorites" list on Goodreads, but I've always been a bit unsure about what should go on that list and what shouldn't.

If I label something as my "favorite," it might not mean as much as if it came from someone else as I'm a bit liberal with the term. I think my personality has something to do with that though. If you know me in real life, you know that I'm very easily excitable. I get really enthusiastic about things. I consider it one of my better attributes, so I don't think I should really be worried about having a lot of favorites. I think I should consider it a good thing.

I just wonder where the line between favorite and just like is for me though. Sometimes you have those books that seem right on that invisible line, and you have no idea where they should go. If it weren't for Goodreads, it probably wouldn't be an issue, but somehow I have to make a decision about what rating the book will get and if it's worthy or not of the all-time favorite shelf.

Once I get in that internal conflict, I start wondering if any book that makes me stop and struggle with the decision probably isn't worthy of the all-time favorite shelf. But maybe, just maybe it actually is since I did fall in love with it. But what if it doesn't stand up to the test of time? I have to consider that too since I'm making this decision so soon after reading.

All in all, sometimes it becomes a long process for me. I haven't added a book to the all-time favorites shelf in a year now, which is because I haven't read anything that's blown me away in such a long time, (I'm really, really craving it.), so I don't think I dub something an all-time favorite too easily. Just a straight up favorite though? I have more than a million of those. Which is all fine until someone asks me what my favorite book is, and I respond Harry Potter but I want to continue to list off a significant portion of all the books I've ever read.

What about you guys? Do you ever struggle with what's your favorite and what's something that you just really liked? How do you know where to draw the line?

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