Monday, May 18, 2015

Life Post: Writing Update and Reading

My weekend went pretty great. I start posting my Twilight fanfiction like I said I was going to. I have two chapters up right now, and I think it's the best response I've ever gotten to a story at this point. I'm not sure if that'll keep up for the entire thing, but we'll see what happens. I still also need to post a new chapter of Move On and Recover since it's been three weeks.

Other than that, I took a break from writing for the weekend, and today I'm going to start editing another fanfiction. I'm also excited about this one, although not quite on the level of the Twilight one if I'm being honest. That's primarily because the Twilight fanfic had been percolating in my head for years.

I did, however, post a video over the weekend. It is my review for the Reign season two finale. I also read an entire book in three days, which feels amazing after how slow my reading progress has been this year. I spent so much of my weekend reading either that book or fanfiction. I feel like I hardly did anything else, but it was so nice because I never do that anymore. I really, really enjoyed it.

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