Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Naruto Shippuden Review: Episodes 246-250

Apparently it's been three weeks since my last Naruto review. It doesn't feel like it's been that long because it seems like I've been watching it a lot lately, but it makes sense considering that was right before finals and all. Hopefully now that it's summer break I'll have more time to watch it and will post reviews more often.

Anyway, I really loved these episodes. I said this in the last review, but it just feels so good to be past the filler that seemed to be never ending for a while. These five episodes were extremely good in my opinion.

A lot of it was Naruto talking to his mom or the memory of his mom or whatever you want to call her. I loved that so much. It got me emotional. The first episodes especially where he sees her had me crying all over the place. I loved the bit about how Naruto's mom and Naruto's dad both wanted to be hokage. that's a nice touch that really connects Naruto back to them. Of course, Naruto's mom being the previous jinchuriki connects them together more than anything, and I loved that too. Naruto being able to connect with his mom over being treated similarly as kids is fantastic to me.

There was also a bit at the end of episode 246 where Naruto is literally rocking back and forth out of happiness while talking to his mom. That bit killed me. Seriously killed me. I loved that small detail so extremely much. I don't even think I can express how much I loved that one little detail.

I just also love that Naruto got more story from his parents. The bit with Naruto learning to control the Nine Tails was cool and important too, but Naruto talking to his mom and getting her story was what made these episodes for me.

I may have also freaked out when baby Sasuke came out of nowhere, and then the comments about how they needed to be friends. And then baby Naruto too. I loved all of that.

Watching Naruto's parents die was obviously extremely sad, and I was in tears the entire time Kushina was giving her list of advice for Naruto. And then Naruto responded to it later on by saying he would do the things he didn't already do. I could hardly handle it.

I also loved Naruto's line about having one friend that "I'm not getting along with right now" in reference to Sasuke. The "right now" part was a reminder that he hasn't given up on Sasuke, and he was also still including Sasuke in his friends. I liked that bit.

I'm a little sad to see the episodes with Kushina end because they were really nice to see, but I'm also excited to see what happens next, especially since Kisame has finally reappeared and revealed that he was spying the entire time.

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