Monday, May 4, 2015

Setting My Resolutions

I started a list a few months ago of "resolutions." These aren't necessarily new year's resolutions. They're just things I want to learn, and there's too many to accomplish all at once. Instead, I wrote them all down, so I'll have the list there once I finish one thing and want to go onto the next. This is most definitely long term because nothing on their will happen quickly.

The vast majority of things on the list are languages I want to learn. I'd already started teaching myself Japanese when I wrote the list, and I'd had a mental idea of what other languages I want to learn. Honestly, I want to learn every language, but I have to be realistic and pick and choose which ones are coming next and whatnot. Now I have my biggest priorities written down.

The list isn't entirely languages. I do have other things on there too, such as getting better at drawing, but that's only a few of the things. And how much I want to focus on developing that skill really depends on my mood on any given day. I'm not sure when I'll choose to focus on that rather than a language.

I think the biggest thing I want to learn that isn't a language is html (and then lead into other skills from there), but that is a sort of language as well.

As of right now, I think I'm going to start trying a new thing off the list every six months or so, and this would be added onto what I'm already learning. So, now I'm focusing on Japanese. Sometime this summer, I'd start on Spanish, since I've finished my classes in it now, and doing it on my own is the only way I'll continue to learn it. I'll still be learning Japanese, of course. I'll probably have an extremely small (in comparison to all of the words that go into a language) vocabulary in Japanese when I start Spanish, but I don't think I'll have a problem differentiating them in my mind. I've already been doing it as I've been studying Spanish in school, after all. They're not similar languages.

This exact list has kind of been a long time coming, since I've had a smaller mental one for a while, and I did originally start trying to teach myself Japanese two years ago. (It's actually really embarrassing what my progress has been like after that long of a period of time, but I did switch up my method much more recently into something that has been going way better.)

Here's to hoping I stick to this. I think I will, since I've pretty much been sticking to it for months already with studying Japanese. Just the progress I've made with Japanese has me confident that I'll keep it up with other languages. The non-language parts of the list might be more of a toss up. We'll see if I ever actually do those.

Putting this all down here and publicly just gives me more accountability. Now I have to do it or everyone will know that I failed. I've read enough about motivation to know that's extremely important, and that's probably a lot of the fuel behind this post if I'm being honest.

What about you guys? What sorts of things do you want to learn?

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