Friday, May 15, 2015

Shadowhunters Casting: Valentine and Magnus

The Mortal Instruments is being turned into a TV show for ABC Family, and the cast has been announced over the past couple of weeks. I've been filming videos about my reactions to the past announcements. Valentine and Magnus were both announced today, and I really want to talk about both announcements. I've had a massive headache all day today though, so a video is just not going to happen. I decided to write a blog post instead.

Valentine was announced first, so I'll start with him. Alan Van Sprang has been cast as Valentine. He played King Henry on Reign, which makes him the only actor on the show that I've actually seen act. Luckily, I highly approve of this. Henry and Valentine are actually quite similar, and I thought he did an excellent job as Henry. I can see him doing just as well with Valentine, and I am so, so excited for it. I never would have thought about him beforehand, but now I'm completely convinced that he's the best decision they possibly could have made.

Then Harry Shum Jr. was announced as playing Magnus. He was on Glee, and I've heard of his name before, but I didn't actually watch Glee. I've seen bits and pieces of Glee here and there, but it's mostly earlier episodes. I saw extremely little of the later seasons, and I don't really remember seeing any with him in it. It's completely possible I did and just haven't remembered. Most of the time I wasn't really paying attention whenever Glee was on while I was in the room.

That means I can't really say anything about him from an acting standpoint like I can Alan. All I really know is that he's very attractive, so there's that. I think the fact that he was also on such a well-known show as Glee is a positive even though it was completely different than what Shadowhunters will be (if they stay at all like the books at least).

I talked about in the my last reaction video that I kind of wanted to do another video after I'd had a chance to see each of the actors act in something, and I think I still want to do that. (In fact, I think I want to do it more now that I did a blog post for Magnus and Valentine instead of a video.) I still have yet to see any of them act except Alan, and I really want to see them in something before the show comes out. I'm going to try and figure out what I can watch (Harry should be easy because I'll just use Glee), and I'll try to make a video of my initial reactions to seeing them actually work. Hopefully I'll do that soon unless I really struggle to find stuff to watch for some of them.

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