Sunday, May 3, 2015

Supernatural Review: Second Half of Season Five

It's been two months since I reviewed the first half of season five, and I'm honestly surprised it's only been that long. It feels like a ton more time has passed since I last wrote one of these. This review will probably be a lot like that with me listing different things and probably only briefly mentioning them.

Since it's been two months since I watch the earlier ones out of these episodes, I can't remember them all that well. My notes bring some stuff back, but not that well. I really am thinking about splitting these reviews into smaller chunks. Maybe four per season? That might be good.

Anyway, the first episode that I'm reviewing in this group was one where a group of kids are doing witchcraft and have no idea what they're actually getting into. I don't remember anything to really say about this episode other than the fact that those kids were so stupid that the episode was actually irritating to watch.

I think the rest of this season was heavily focused on the apocalypse for the most part, and I think those episodes were pretty great. I liked that we got another episode of Sam and Dean in the past with their parents, although it's a bittersweet thing.

Adam was extremely irritating to me whenever he showed up.

Gabriel being Loki was interesting to me, but the idea that Gabriel actually wanted to side with humanity was strange to me after what we'd seen of him in the past. It was hard to believe.

I honestly feel like the end of this season would have been a great way to end the series completely, especially if the bit with Sam at the very end hadn't been there. It felt very final and like an ending, although I realize that tons of people would be angry with an ending like that. I think I actually would have liked it.

It's not the ending though, so that doesn't really matter. I'm a bit worried about watching beyond this point because I've heard so many terrible things, but unsurprisingly, I'm going to anyway. So, I guess we'll see what comes next.

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