Sunday, May 17, 2015

Top 3 Favorite Movie Series

I don't talk about movies often, and that's mostly because I don't watch them all that much. I tend to watch TV series more than anything else because I like being able to come back to the same characters over and over. That's probably why some of my favorite movies are also series. I decided to list my top three favorite series. (Of course, this means these aren't necessarily my favorite movies period as I do have favorites that aren't series.)

Harry Potter. This one is probably obvious. The movies will never be as good as the books, but I
still love them. Maybe that's for nostalgia or love of the books more than the movies themselves. I'll never know. I've been watching them since I was eight, so they've just ingrained themselves into my life. Harry Potter tends to be my go to way of cheering myself up when nothing else is working, and typically, I don't feel like reading in those situations. That makes the movies very convenient. Harry Potter tops just about every list ever for me.

Star Wars. This includes the new trilogy by the way. I legitimately enjoy those movies even though I know they're largely considered bad. It's not like I don't see what everyone is talking about, but I still have fun watching all six of the movies, and I'm beyond excited for the new ones.

Pirate of the Caribbean. I know that many people tend to like the first Pirates movie and then not like the ones after that. I do. I think that's largely because of what I said earlier about liking to come back to the same characters, even if a lot of the Pirates cast has changed from the first movie. I still think they're a lot of fun and enjoy them.

There were several others that almost wound up on the list, and it was hard to cut it off at three. I told myself I was going to stop there though, so I'll refrain myself. I feel like people who follow me on Tumblr especially are aware of what those are anyway since I reblog stuff from them pretty frequently.

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