Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Getting Just a Little Distracted by One Direction

I love One Direction. I always love One Direction. I became three years ago, and despite my parents' beliefs that it wouldn't last a year, I'm still a fan. However, there's no denying that how much of my attention they consume at any point in time fluctuates. If they're not doing much, then chances are it's easier to push them to the back of my mind and only half pay attention to whatever is happening.

When they're on tour though, I can always be counted on to know exactly what is going down at any particular time. Even if I'm in school and insanely busy, part of my attention is focused on what One Direction is up to on any particular day.

This tour, however, hasn't been quite like that. As I've said in past posts, I've been insanely focused on writing recently. So much so that I've focused on little else, including social media. That means that I haven't been keeping up with One Direction's tour as closely as in the past. I was interested and aware of some things, but it wasn't to my usual level. I was just too focused on writing to pay it that much attention (and also reading any second that I wasn't writing).

That was until yesterday. My sister is currently in Sweden, and while she was there, she went to One Direction's concert. I got texts from her about everything that happened yesterday, and after the concert, as she had a five hour drive back to where she's staying, she kept texting me about everything that happened at the show.

Even though I wasn't there at all, it kind of reignited my tour fuel in a way that is similar to how I have felt after my own concerts in the past albeit on a significantly smaller scale. Now I've spent a good portion of today getting up to date on One Direction's whereabouts. Luckily, today was also the day that I finished the draft I was working on, and while I still have two other smaller projects, I always give myself a short break after finishing a draft. That's allowed me to freak out about One Direction without feeling too much guilt, although how distracted I'll continue to be when I launch back into writing again remains to be seen. I don't think I'll have too much trouble. Time management is typically one of my strong suits.

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