Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's Just Not Hogwarts

When the Fantastic Beasts movie comes out, we're supposed to get some sort of information on the American wizarding school. I don't think much has really been said about the role it will play in the movie, but from my understanding/guesses we're going to at least know it's name and location and probably some other stuff.

I'm really, really excited about that. Of course I am. But it also feels a little weird. I mean, I've spent more than ten years of my life wishing Harry Potter was real so I could go to Hogwarts, but in actuality, even if Harry Potter were real, I wouldn't be at Hogwarts. Because I'm still American. If I were a witch, I'd wind up at the American wizarding school.

Which would still be really cool, and I'm excited to get more information about it for that exact reason. But there's still feeling there that it's just not Hogwarts. I'm sure it's awesome, and if I really got to live in the Harry Potter universe and go there, I'd probably be full of pride for my actual school. I'd be almost guaranteed to have fonder feelings for it than Hogwarts.

But as things stand now, I just don't. Because the fact is that I read the Harry Potter books and yet don't even know one thing about the American wizarding school. So dreaming about the Harry Potter universe being real also means dreaming about having been born in Britain instead so that I could go to Hogwarts instead. Because the American wizarding school is just never going to be the same as Hogwarts.

It's a bit ridiculous to be bothered by that at all since all of this is fictional anyway, but sometimes feelings aren't entirely rational. And I can't help being slightly upset knowing that I would have two impossible hurdles to jump in order to get to Hogwarts. Because if the HP universe suddenly became real, I was younger, and I still retained my knowledge of the books, I just don't know if I could enjoy myself at the American wizarding school like I would at Hogwarts.

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