Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Life Post: Writing, Reading, Writing, and More Reading

It's been almost ten days since I last did a life post. I haven't really done anything note-worthy in those ten days. I've really been focused on reading a ton in order to get caught up on my reading challenge, and aside from that, I've been spending a ton of time working on my fantasy story. That's really all I've been doing.

It's really not all that exciting to talk about although the chance to sleep in and read some pretty good books and work on the story I've been spending years on has me in a pretty decent mood I would say. I'm only one book behind on my reading challenge, which is nice. And in the next couple of days, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a (very) rough draft of the final book in this fantasy series I've been working on since high school. I still have substantial (and I mean substantial) edits to do of the entire series after that, but I'm still feeling pretty good about having a really rough version of it all finally completely down.

I've also managed to post several videos recently though, so I'll go ahead and mention those. I did a phone vlog a few days ago that was mostly about rearranging my bookshelves. I also talked about five of my favorite book covers and then I went through what my horcruxes would be if I ever made some.

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