Saturday, June 20, 2015

On Reading Self-Published Books

I know some people are hesitant to read indie authors because there's really no guarantee about the quality of the work. Going into it, you have the chance that whatever you're picking up is unedited or just all around terrible. I understand why that makes people hesitant.

I've read a lot of indie authors that I really love though, and I absolutely love reading indie books. Yes, sometimes I read some terrible ones. One time I read (or tried to read) an indie book, and a year later, I'm still trying to figure out what it is I even read. (I truly have no idea. Nothing about it made sense, and I couldn't explain what was going on if I tried.) But the good have outweighed the bad. I've definitely enjoyed more indie books than I've hated them.

Sometimes I go a bit easier on grammar mistakes or typos that I find in indie books. Those don't really bother me unless they become excessive. That might go back to my years of reading fanfiction. I do think indie authors should have their books looked at by an editor before publishing, but I'm willing to go easy on that sort of thing overall.

And one of my favorite series ever, the Star-Crossed series by Rachel Higginson, is self-published. Honestly, I don't talk about those books enough, but I love them. (I also haven't bought the last two books or the novella yet, and I desperately need to. The series was finished before, so the three new books caught me by surprise.)

I think it's pretty amazing to watch how certain aspects of publishing are changing due to the Internet. I don't expect traditional publishing to disappear, and I don't want it to. However, I like the fact that self-publishing is a reasonable option right now for authors who want to go that route, and I enjoy reading those books.

We live in a pretty interesting time as far as how the publishing industry is changing, including ebooks from traditional publishers as well as self-publishing. I'm excited to see how it changes in the future too.

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