Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life Post: Lots of Things Going On

I've felt incredibly busy the last few days, but looking back on it, I don't feel like I've accomplished as much as I feel like I'm doing at the time. I have no idea if that makes any sense. I feel as tired as I typically do during the school semester, and I have no idea why it suddenly feels like there's so much going on. For some reason, it just does.

So, yeah, I feel like I'm rushing through everything that I have to do recently, and I haven't had all that much time to stop and think. I hope it slows down soon.

I posted a poem over on my writing blog (fair warning: it's terrible). I also wrote about where Greta's name came from. (She's one of my characters in The Society.) Over on Youtube, I got up a review of the first half of season six of Supernatural.

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