Saturday, August 15, 2015

Goodreads and Bookish Websites

I'm going on five years of being a member of Goodreads, and I've used the site religiously over that time span. There hasn't been a book I've read since joining that hasn't been added to my shelves. (Although I've never taken the time to add all of the books I owned but read before then to my shelves.) I really love being able to easily keep track of books I've owned and/or read. I've used the site countless times in order to remember certain books or get a better idea of what all I've been reading lately and things like that. It's reached the point where I honestly don't know how I'd keep track of these things if it weren't for Goodreads.

Of course, I've never bothered to sit down and add the books I own but haven't yet read to my TBR on Goodreads. I always plan to do it in the future, but I've never felt bothered enough to actually do it. And when it comes to books I want to read but don't actually own, those are never going on a Goodreads list. I have a document of them, and it's thousands of books long. Adding that into Goodreads is just not worth it for me.

But while Goodreads has become almost a necessity to me, I know it has problems. More and more people aren't liking how it's being handled, especially now that Amazon owns it. I fully understand all of that. I'm not a huge fan of certain parts of Goodreads either.

More people are joining other book-centered websites. I've heard of various ones, and I even joined LibraryThing about two years or so back. I tried to use it regularly for several months, but I just couldn't bother myself with maintaining it. I already had Goodreads, and I couldn't find the motivation to switch things over to there. I like the idea of having an online catalogue, but I don't want to sit down and make one. Maybe someday when I feel like making that huge time commitment.

I've heard about a few other sites as well, but I honestly haven't even looked into any of those outside of a few things heard here or there. Do you use any other websites besides Goodreads? Are there any you recommend me checking out? Because I'd be up for exploring them even if I kind of give up like I did LibraryThing. Maybe I'll manage to find one I like even more than Goodreads and use it instead.

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