Sunday, August 9, 2015

Life Post: Allergies Aren't Fun

There's been one thing bothering me all summer that I've tried not to talk about on the Internet: my allergies. I've talked about them in the past, and I knew I'd reached the point where my complaining was annoying. I didn't want to do that anymore. As I've gotten older, they seem to have gotten worse, and I've also begun to realize that they're worse when I'm at home than when I'm at school. This summer as been the worst ever for them, but like I said, I've been trying not to talk about it.

By now I've reached the point where that's getting difficult though. The day of the One Direction concert, they were really bad that morning. So bad that I would have stayed in bed if it weren't for One Direction. Luckily, we drove to Indianapolis, and as I said about them being worse in my hometown, they got better in Indy. I'm thankful for that because doing anything is really hard on the days when my allergies are at their worst. In church with my family today, I got really light-headed and had to grip onto something to stand. Remember how I vomited at the summer social this year? The heat definitely contributed to that, but considering that was a first for me and my allergies had been bad that day, I think it contributed.

I take over-the-counter allergy medicine, but how much that seems to work depends on the day. I'm really considering talking to a doctor, maybe getting allergy tested. I really want a better way to deal with this. I know it won't be quite as bad at school, but they were still on the terrible side last year. I really think I need some doctor's advice on how to deal with this. Because it's making a lot of things very difficult.

When my head hurts and is incredibly congested, it starts feeling difficult to think. It's like being perpetually tired while also having a headache. Plus my head feels heavier, and I can hardly breathe. In other words, I'm miserable, and I want to do something about it. We'll see if I actually manage to do that before school starts back and I'm hours away from my doctor. (My school has a nurse, but as I've heard stories that she isn't that great and tries to STD test every single person that walks in there as well as get the girls to take pregnancy tests, I've avoided going all three years so far. I mean, I get her motivations, but according to the stories, she's a little overzealous.)

We'll see what happens with my allergies, I suppose.

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