Saturday, August 22, 2015

Life Post: Back at School and Moved In

I sat down to write this as soon as I got my computer plugged in and on after my family left. If I haven't been mentioning it enough recently for you to know, I moved back to school today. Technically, I'm in a different dorm than last year, but it's the first time I've had a room in the same building as before. So my dorm pretty much feels the same. The furniture is arranged differently, but since it's nearly identical to the furniture I had before, that only feels like a small change. I'm sure I'll have completely adjusted to being back to school really quickly. I'll hardly notice I'm even in a different dorm, which will probably lead me to try and go to the wrong floor at least a couple of times.

I know I talked about how much I was dreading moving in, but in all honesty, this felt like the quickest move in day yet. I have no idea if it actually was. Maybe I'm used to it now? I still feel exhausted though, and my legs heard from both the moving and grocery shopping afterward.

There's a whole dorm meeting tonight, so I still have that. Tomorrow feels like it should be the first day of classes because in the past we moved in on Sundays, so it's strange knowing tomorrow is actually free. I still have some stuff to do to prepare though. Namely, I need to print off my schedule, so I can actually remember which classes I need to get to when. That's probably what tomorrow will be devoted to.

Here's hoping that this year is a good one.

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