Thursday, August 13, 2015

Life Post: Beta Readers and Editing

We're at nine days until I move back to school now. These posts may start off with that countdown until the day comes because it's on my mind a lot. I have yet to start packing even though I really should get a head start on it of some kind.

Instead, I've mostly been beta reading today. I finished up a chapter for someone this morning and sent it back, and I have another chapter that I plan to finish up for someone else today. I also finished up the final edits of the first chapter of my new Twilight fanfiction this morning, so it's ready. I'm a bit undecided if I'm going to post it immediately or wait until I have a few more chapters edited as well, but I'm leaning towards the later.

At this point, I'm not expecting to have the entire thing finished by the time I go back to school. It's just not realistic with sending it back and forth with my second beta. (The first beta has already gone over the entire thing. She works amazingly fast, you guys, and also had some really great advice. To be honest, both of my betas are great, but I am amazed with how she accomplishes things.) However, I'm extremely confident that I'll have the first chapter up within the first week of classes. I suppose there's a possibility I'll become too focused on school then, but I think I'll have made enough progress that just having the first chapter up with be completely realistic.

I also posted over on my writing blog yesterday about how authors write work that's "quotable."

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