Thursday, August 20, 2015

Life Post: The Final Days

It's been several days since I last posted one of these, but for the most part, those days have been the same as they kept having been lately. I did finally get started packing, but I've hit a bit of a road block there. While I know there must be more stuff I need to take, I've packed everything I can think of. I can't decide it I really am overlooking stuff or if I've just downsized so much after doing this a million times that I really don't need anything else. At any rate, I've gotten a head start, and I'm sure I'll get everything before I leave.

I'm still going through the final edits of my Twilight fanfiction, but I did post the first chapter. I'm going to try and get a couple more up before I go back to school too even though I know I'll still be editing the later chapters.

And, of course, I've still be beta reading quite a bit, but luckily, that's slowed down over the past week. I don't think I could have kept up with the rate I was going before during the school year. That would have been a huge amount of stress. Right now I have it on my beta profile that I'm not even accepting requests at the moment, since I'm definitely not going to be able to help more people while at school.

I posted a phone vlog over on Youtube if you're interested. A lot of it is basically just what was in this post.

In the past twenty-four hours or so though, it's really started to hit me how soon school is. The fact that summer is ending finally feels real, and I'm starting to get that usual anxious feeling that I always get about moving both to and from school. I really am dreading the stress of move in day and getting everything in the dorm and organized. That's always the worst, but it'll be such a relief when it's over with.

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